Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ousted official...

It seems the Venezuelan consulate general in Miami has been declared persona non grata and asked to leave the USA. Not many details [Spanish, English] yet but one of the first to react was ex under-secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega, who tweeted that Livia Acosta Noguera was a 'chavista terrorist spy', not mincing his words! It's reported that the expulsion is possibly connected to a report that was broadcast at the end of 2011 claiming that Venezuelan (inc Livia) and Iranian diplomats had expressed interest in getting a group of Mexican hackers to infiltrate the White House, FBI and Pentagon websites and U.S. nuclear plants...and guess who is arriving in Caracas as I write this. The Ecuadorian daily La Republica (Ecuador, another stop, along with Nicaragua and Cuba on Ahmadinejad's tour) make no bones about the connection - click on image - with the headline: U.S. expels Venezuelan consul for relations with Iran.

Maybe Obama withdrawing the U.S. troops from Iraq wasn't an election ploy after all!

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