Monday, January 23, 2012

Oval Office obambulation...

OK, I know it's Fox News so will be immediately written off (by some) but this is funny: Reince Priebus tells us that "Trying desperately to save his job, Barack Obama has given up on actually doing his job"...hehehe.
"On the economy, jobs, health care, energy, the deficit, the debt, housing, lobbyists, ethics, and energy policy -- all of these issues -- the president has broken his promises to the American people. It all makes for a very unflattering before-and-after."
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Paul said...

I wouldn't write it off without reading it! Actually it backs up what we said last week, month, year about politicians everywhere, being in opposition is very different to being in power. The lobbyist thing is interesting because I think politicians are beginning to realise that they are one group you can hate as much as possible but end up needing.

Span Ows said...

Yep on both counts!