Thursday, February 02, 2012

Officials' official office...

They hold immense power and sway over us but just what is it they should be doing? "Mandarins answer to no one" writes Raewald: "A recent survey suggested that our senior civil servants spend approximately a third of their time working on their Minister's agenda, a third on EU initiatives and a third on interests of their own devising"...WTF! Has the Madarinate gone rotten? And from the DT, "Has guerrilla war broken out between Whitehall mandarins and certain Westminster MPs?"

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Paul said...

Only a third on interests of their own devising! I'm not sure whether the Civil Service reflects public life or vice versa but we have all become more politicised in our jobs over the past thirty odd years and I can't see it getting any better.

Span Ows said...

I was more worried by the third on the EU!!! Now, if we were sure of entry into that burning building that would be fine...are they sure?

I would say the CS has become far more politicised in the last 15 years (hehehe) but I am sure the 3 decades does apply to the EU fiddling.