Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ows opines IV...

Ows views on a few things and what's what in the news:
1. Ryanair in trouble again over ads (see image, left), they've been here before so obviously know an effective way to get far more 'advertising' for their money.
2. The Falklands are British but at a push they are more French than Argentine so FUCK OFF Sean Penn (he of closeness to Hugo and Fidel) you midget lefty twat.[DT]
3. The 'planned' war with Iran is "on course" even down to the cliché of discovered passports on arrested bombers [NYT].
4. The various chapters of the Greek tragedy (a comedy of errors?) continue but has taken a very EU fascist turn: "In the hours before the vote, the cabinet lost six ministers; 40 dissenting MPs were stripped of their party membership and so excluded from re-election. As part of the deal, there will be new elections in two months' time." WTF? [Independent]
5. I will have my eyes closed as Arsenal enter their most important couple of weeks of the season: Champions League is back and Arsenal visit Milan in last 16 of Champions League then FA cup vs. Sunderland where we scrapped a win in the league last weekend and then near-neighbours and arch rivals Spuds in the league hoping to cement the finger-nail grip on 4th place. My eternal optimism is under great pressure as a re-run of the last few seasons looks imminent (mind you, the first week of September I bet on a top 4 finish, I doubt many did).

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Paul said...

Re Ryanair, I do like the idea that in a democracy of 70 million people it is enough for 17 to complain and have an advert removed.

re The Falklands looks like my Grandad (he died in 1984) was right all along and it's about oil/gas.

re Iran and Greece, it will come down, as it always does, to the will of the larger nations. America is still paranoid about any culture it doesn't understand or which cannot benefit it under the current regime. Look at the balls up in Egypt and what is happening in Syria.

Loved Arsene Wenger's press conference yesterday about how they arrived in 2008 with a young exciting, confident team and then there followed a long pause before he added, and we are now rebuilding a team....(great timing)

Span Ows said...

Agreed re Ryanair.
Yep: oil, gas and the right to Antarctica (when they get divided up)
Middle East and Iran heading for major problems (probably worst of our lifetimes)
At least there was no trying to excuse the dire performance last night, Milan may be good but we made them look great, which they're not.