Thursday, March 08, 2012

Obsessive Olympic oligopoly...

A lot of hoohah about the 2012 Olympics, with Lord Coe pleading various things but all pretty stupid: asked 'how many of the seven million Games tickets already sold fall below the £50 price point he said he would 'not answer until the remaining four million tickets were sold'! So, two things: apparently all the available tickets were sold out ages ago (weren't they?) and also what happens if a batch of tickets isn't sold - some of the 1.5 million Paralympic tickets for instance. Another thing that peeves me is that only 10% of the chicken supplied will come from British farms.

Anecdote: great pie shop in Weymouth opening soon, chatting to the guy selling in the kiosk (in front of where the Handmade Pie and Ale House will be) said they were banned from having a "2012" pie i.e. no 2012, no "Olympic" no nothing to do with the games. Crazy. I know Paul has mentioned this craziness on more than one occasion.

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Paul said...

Once the Olympics begin I'm sure we will see people ejected for wearing rival sponsors t-shirts or drinking the wrong sort of water.

The line about the chickens made me smile, will nobody care about the chickens!

Thanks for the link.

Span Ows said...

I think that is a likelihood! :-)

hehehe, something odd though, if Coe can state that "It is all UK beef, all UK pork, the eggs are free range and all of the milk is organic and all of the fish, what there is of it, is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified" I find it VERY odd then that only 10% of the chicken is UK sourced, I smells a rat, and not a Kentucky Fried one.