Saturday, March 17, 2012

Orwellian Oz...

No surprise that the profoundly illiberal and undemocratic 'Finkelstein Report' - displaying totalitarian tendencies - is an entirely Lefty affair. The Report advocates unlimited regulation of virtually all published and broadcast speech in Australia, "All in a knee-jerk snit over the fact that the left-dominated media does not yet have a complete publishing monopoly. Dissenting voices can still be heard, and Finkelstein finds that very disturbing". Hat-tip: AM, green extremism.

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Paul said...

I don't actually think this is a left v right issue in the traditional sense because right-wing Governments will ultimately try and restrict freedom of information exchange through an ever increasing system of reforms whilst publicly saying that they are a result of learning lessons. Love the idea that we should all be following the right-wing US Constitution given the way that the US Government are probably up there with the Chinese and Russians in terms of cyber abuse.

If this could be looked at from a politically free standpoint then we, the users and consumers of the Internet, might actually make ourselves heard beyond the small enclaves of our blog worlds, unfortunately it won't as self serving politicised groups will continually use all their energies rubbishing each other rather than meeting a common censorial enemy head on.

As you and I discussed on here and at my place months ago eventually control will have to be wrestled back from those who are seeing their control of information eroded and hopefuly the idea of using the internet to communicate ideas and thoughts can be restored. Ever the optimist I believe that as individuals we can play a part however there are many instances of blogs being closed or censored or simply hijacked (as we know) and that arises from a culture of fear rather than from a political viewpoint - although it can always be argued that everything you do is done with aome political motive even if it was with a small p.

Hope all that makes sense!

Span Ows said...

Yes it makes very good sense (and luckily I agree hehehe); the Leftie comment was because the leftish judge got KNOWN lefties to help formulate the plan and bigged up a lefty media outfit.