Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obankrupt or Orkward?...

Hilarious. The Economist cover this week has caused some whining but it isn't just 'Skintland', look at the rest (click image to enlarge): the Grumpians, Islay-offs, Null, Edinborrow...all totally childish... and marvellous. "Scotland could probably go it alone now, but the economics of independence are steadily worsening" [Economist]. Oil and gas, renewable energy, the state of the finance industry and the problem of currency choice amongst the problem areas to be 'solved'; "It remains a matter of judgment whether Scotland could go it alone. But after the banking and euro-zone crises, Scotland would be far more vulnerable to shocks as a nation of 5m people than as part of a diversified economy of 62m. There is an irony here: to preserve a distinctively open-handed Scottish social model, staying in the union might be the safest choice."

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