Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh-Oh Oreo...

"Milk's favorite cookie" [sic] has gone into defence mode. Oreo is apparently the world's 'most beloved cookie' (although a few years ago we in the UK weren't convinced) with 'a staggering $1.5billion in global revenues'. Last month the brand celebrated its 100th birthday. Kraft, the company that now owns Nabisco (the firm which produces Oreos), naturally released 'limited editions' with different fillings and specific adverts. They've had a lot of good classic advertising (example left) playing on the two Os but the latest - in a different style - had led to some controversy; Kraft has "swiftly moved into damage limitation mode":  “Our understanding is that they [not Kraft, an independent ad company] created it for use at an isolated advertising awards forum in Korea ...It was never intended for consumer advertising or public distribution” [Inquisitr]. The above 1951 ad with a woman is a far (baby) cry from the cause of the hoohah...I think it's great, and not in a pervy way...much.

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