Monday, April 30, 2012

Olympic observations...

...and nothing to do with the Olympic Games but more the Olympic class ocean liners one of which was the mildly famous Titanic and even then not entirely about that either: "The madness of billionaires, central bankers, and Chancellors" [The Slog]: The Titanic, the Quantitative Easer, and the Austerititor System. "Sir Mervyn King has spent 96% of the Get out of Jail pot on strengthening the financial system, while Little Osborne has patched just 4% of the hole in the bottom of the pot...It really isn’t going to work is it? No, it isn't."..."But here’s the truly terrifying part: Ed Balls has an idea for another machine, the Bollockometer. It consist of his mouth emitting spittle and bollocks. That’s it."
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Paul said...

I went to a client in Southampton this morning who have just had their best ever March - in forty years of trading.

We knew QE was all smoke and mirrors and the only people who could benefit were those who didn't need to benefit in the first place.

It's hoping too much for everybody to abstain from the local elections isn't it. I know local matters shouldn't reflect national concerns but everybody insists they are a 'barometer' of national feelings. Never understood that, how does the proposal to free up green belt where I live for housing impact on anybody outside our ward?

Span Ows said...

Exactly! If it were a barometer how do the Lib Dems do so well in many areas! ;-)