Sunday, May 06, 2012

Orinoco oligarch...

Alo Presidente! "The Realest Reality Show in the World": "In the end, it doesn’t matter much what these people say when the cameras are rolling; and, of course, the opposite is true of Chavez"... "Anything he decides or does or says on the show instantly becomes the audience’s reality, in a tangible way, regardless of whether they are watching. [It] is unlike anything else on television." Rachel Nolan in NYT Magazine; it is quite a perceptive article for someone 'new' to Venezuelan politics (she comments that she discovered the 'show's' exuberant weirdness only after she began following the IMHO tractor stats and other amusing new-speak of Chavez on Twitter). Any 'normal' reality TV show...
"no matter how engaging or successful or artfully put together, is always, in essence, a distraction from life. “Aló Presidente” inverts this formula, at least for Venezuelans."
Hat-tip Caracas Chronicles.

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