Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ongoing odium of ocracy...

Interesting times. Is there a sleeping giant**? Everyone seems to be decrying the Coalition over everything, especially a 'thin' Queen's Speech. Allister Heath at City A.M. called the Speech "insouciant, almost flippant" and believes the coalition is behaving as if we were in normal economic times. John Redwood, looking on the bright side in 'Messages from a tractor factory' says he is not worried that "the Speech was light on new bills. The UK is scarcely short of laws." He's certainly right there, as CR told us in a letter to David Cameron a month ago, both 2010 and 2011 were record breaking years with 3969 and 4116 new acts of legislation respectively [Legislation]. However, despite a string of gaffes and never-ending bad press from ALL sides of the media, I agree with The Economist, who while not hiding the bad, do say that:
"Above all, Mr Cameron’s government has still got most of the big things right. Both for the country’s sake and for his own, the prime minister needs to refocus his government on the clear, bold message that he began with."
Worth noting the headline that The Economist uses: "Crisis? What crisis?"; back in 1979 those same words became James Callaghan's epitaph in The Sun (image) after the 'Winter of Discontent'. But do you remember the situation after two years of Margaret Thatcher? Strikes continued, spending 'cuts', mass unemployment, fierce recession, riots, talks of a party split (sound familiar?)...

**...trouble is, now we don't seem to have a "giant among pygmies".

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