Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ongoing onomatophobia...

The words that dare not be mentioned: he who must not be named...Voldemort you ask? No. Last night the Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King, gave the 2012 BBC Today Programme Lecture [Link] : a speech on radio by the BoE head honcho for the first time [in peacetime] since March 1939. His speech could be seen as trying to rewrite history, so too the BBC who find it very difficult - surely couldn't be bias - to write the words 'Gordon' and 'Brown' anywhere (and most certainly not mentioning his inaction losing a million jobs); mind you, the articles [one, two] are by Robert 'my-dad's-a-Labour-peer-and-I-wrote-the-book-on-Brown'* Peston (who even uses 'boom and bust' in the title! and yet still no mention of his hero**) and rely on David 'lefty-economist extraordinaire' Blanchflower so no surprises that the Beeb continue their 'news blackout' over mad Crash Gordon.

* ...your's for a penny.
** and don't forget his dodgy Balls.

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Paul said...

How exactly did Labour lose jobs when it was the banks that were up to their necks in unsupported loans? Why is it that despite huge amounts of QE (of which the Coalition are setting new records) and legislation insisting of banks lending more money to companies that no money is being lent?

Span Ows said...

As one of the links says...rewriting history. The lending thing (well NON lending) is becoming scandalous.

Not sure coalition is breaking records because the QE programme has been 325 billion since March 2009 and most of which was pre Coalition.