Sunday, May 13, 2012

Orinoco One...

Just listening to the Venezuelan National Anthem...followed by God Save The Queen! Doesn't happen often I imagine but it could be heard more in Formula l this season: Pastor Maldonado has just won (his and Venezuela's first) just down the road from my old house (near enough to hear it!). Congratulations Pastor...even if you are an outspoken fan of the clown ("Sport should not be kept away from politics, it should be supported, like happens in Venezuela")...not an opinion I share.

Sport Update: half hour gone in last day of the 2011-12 Premiership season and it is nail-biting fever pitch stuff for several clubs! Best end of season since 1989?...and the last minute is a long way off yet!...[edit, see image] a minute can change both ends of the table. By the way, rather appropriately, I'm sat in Copa Club!

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Paul said...

Certainly an up and down day for fans of QPR and Notlob. Glad to see the back of Bolton to be honest, I think Owen Coyle should have stayed at Burnley and kept them up two years ago. QPR are one of those teams who I am completely indifferent to, although I hope Joey Barton doesn't get the chance to play in the Premier League again.