Friday, June 01, 2012

Opprobrium over 'omnishambles'...

Indeed: Jackart rants away yet hits the nail on the head in my opinion re the Coalition's 'absolutely inept' spectacularly incompetent media management. You may have noticed I have been away a bit (am still away) yet it is easy to note, even from afar, that things do look dire with the seeming U-turn mania. However this was mostly petty issues and based on EU tripe and totally predictably U-turn fodder: despite all, "On substantially all the big issues however, the Government's broadly right"; "It is staggering they managed to avoid a single headline about taking 2m low-waged out of tax"; I wouldn't blame only the Coalition on this point though, I have said it before but something is seriously wrong with the MSM. Added to the circus and the bias, inept and pointless Leverson sideshow plus the left-infested civil service and institutions, the ship sails on and "The simple fact is we have a government intent on leaving the country better off, without thinking about their short-term popularity."

Immediate update: related to the MSM point, the excellent Stumbling and Mumbling has a post on "journalist's fallacy".

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