Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overflowing ordure...

Some, me included, defended the banks from much criticism over the 'credit crunch' because it was not only the banks but also the greedy public and the hopelessly wrong politicians: in the UK's case Gordon Brown et al. Now, the banks have ceded any goodwill by letting the mask slip to reveal the casino-bank wide-boy jumped-up spivs they really are; I have no need nor wish to paraphrase Raedwald who puts it so well:
"We have been forced to recapitalise the banks, mortgaging future generations and impoverishing the Kingdom, to pay for the bankers' greed and folly. Ordinary lives have been ruined, industry grievously wounded, the nation's trade, it's very life-blood, draining from severed vessels as these gilded popinjays, these pampered jades, these foul and corrupt excrescences continue to lie, steal, distort, manipulate and cheat to maintain their pillage of the national wealth. Though the temptation is to march on Docklands with a coil of hempen rope and decorate the lamp columns of Canada Square with this noxious fruit, we must leave it to the courts and the criminal justice system to exact retribution. For retribution there must be."


Paul said...

As things stand at the moment the £290 million fine from the FSA will go to the FSA and be used to reduce the membership fees of the banks/organisations for next year - it would be nice if this situation was changed and the money went back to the taxpayer.

Incidentally showing that it's not just banks who are greedy so and so's any surplus from the Olympics isn't being retained in a special fund or donated to good causes but it is going back to central government. Whatever happened to 'Sport For All'?

Span Ows said...

Yes and the fine is peanuts anyway. Probably a week's worth of dodgy interest rate winnings.

I agree about the Olympics too: yes you can have the money but we keep it and might tell you say when and how it's used.