Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ongoing omissions...

Omissions, not emissions! The BBC continue to omit half of many stories (when they feel like it): usually the bits damaging to the Coalition are not omitted and anything bigging-up Labour (but not mentioning 13 years of New Labour) is always trumpeted (fine example here, WTF?) Today's half truths: "Government criticised as deaths on UK roads go up" [Link] (and screen shot to observe stealth edits). What's omitted? Well first there's the usual tactic of putting the bad stuff 'above the line': "The government has been criticised for a lack of leadership after the first increase in road deaths for nearly a decade"..."Our correspondent says the coalition ditched national targets when it came to power..." 8 paragraphs of this followed by the sub heading "Shocking": then you have to scroll down and see at least some of the real story. "Road deaths might have gone up but – with the exception of last year – the number of people killed or seriously hurt on our roads still remains the lowest since national records began."...and the 'Shocking' is in fact "It is shocking that road accidents are the main cause of death among young adults aged 16-24...". OK so they put it but at the end you say but less than one minute 'research' by Ows reveals that the rise is only due to the fact that there was a massive fall in 2010 (over 15% down with traffic levels 2% down that year). Click on image to enlarge clear downward trend...I won't politicise the near flat-lining years on that graph.

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