Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outstanding Olympics over II...

I don't want to end what has been a fantastic Olympics - especially for for Great Britain - on a sour note but...this is as good as it gets, as good as it will get: the Rio 2016 table may well have a similar top ten but we won't be third (and first or second is simply not going to happen): 65 medals in total; medals in 19 different events; gold/s in 13 of those events [Link], totally unexpected; absolutely fabulous. We have seen so many good role models the last two weeks: not spoilt football mega-rich brats, not soap opera slebs or reality TV wannabes but good strong patriotic excellence in British sportsmen and women. I hope at least part of the much mentioned legacy is to goad the UK's youngsters outside, GOAD, Go Out And Do!

Update, 13th August: opinions from around the world [BBC]

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good to goad to gold.