Friday, September 21, 2012

October opinions...

...opinion polls that is, more of that below. Firstly however I was surprised to hear that foreign observation missions will not be present during the Venezuelan presidential election on 7th October and that UNASUR's role (Union of South American Nations) "will not be either supervise, nor to arbitrate" the election.

Re the polls in Venezuela: the latest from polling firm Datanalisis shows Krusty the clown Chavez on route to remain destroying Venezuela; however, the image left (click to enlarge) shows 'couldn't be clearer' tendencies from a few weeks back. What's shown is the simple average - without any correction - of 10 polls, including one blatantly biased (from an ex Chavez government minister's company), guide: Chavez rojo rojito, Capriles royal blue. Now we all know polls are mostly complete pants and in Venezuela all sorts of 'electioneering' has been happening: Chavez crying (near my old home btw); violence against the opposition; necessary damage control; but we can live in hope...Luis Vicente Leon (not a Chavez fan) head of Datanalisis, says that Chavez seems to have peaked in the polls and the gap is closing and agrees that (Ows translation) "it is very clear that there is a major difference between the intensity of both campaigns". "President Chavez has a rhythm which, obviously, must be attributed to his illness...I don't know the magnitude, if it's severe or life threatening, but what I do know is that at the climax of an election campaign campaign it's not normal for a candidate to be in a 'Pope-mobile' one day and then disappear for two".

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