Monday, September 24, 2012

Orinoco opposition obloquy...

The image (click to enlarge) is of the ballot paper to be used in the Venezuelan presidential election that takes place in 2 weeks; the fact that Krusty fills the top two rows ISN'T the point of the post; the point is that the Unidad Democrática, Manos por Venezuela, Piedra y Cambio Pana parties have withdrawn their support for Henrique Capriles, the main opposition candidate. For reasons of time the change cannot be made to the nominations card has been ruled that if a voter marks one of those four parties their vote will be void! The image shown is for reference and on ballot day the word 'NULO' (null) won't be there. Who knows what actual advantage this will give for or against but as an hypothetical estimate, if all parties are given similar support then as much as 10% of the total vote will be null and void!

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