Friday, October 26, 2012

Obvious opposition...

"Only now, long after the election, do we begin to realise how clever Gordon Brown really was. After the crash, in his last two years in office, he started preparing for a new kind of Opposition. Labour might be turfed out of government, but it could carry on the fight through charities, quangos and think tanks. At one stage, Brown had a team in Downing Street devoted to appointments in public bodies, carefully building what would become a kind of government-in-exile." [Link]

Erm... "only now" Fraser? I've been screaming this - along with other 'right wing loonies' - for years (because it began long before Brown, it went hand in hand with the Blairite "reforms" of the Civil Service: something Norman mentions, along with -off topic- a perfect description of what has happened to the BBC). Please read the whole of Fraser's article though, it will explain a lot if you hadn't already twigged.


Paul said...

The whole paedo thing is going to get very messy because we now have Edwina Currie and Peter Morrison's secretary coming forward and saying those at the top of the Conservative party also knew what was going on.

Thought Fraser's article was good, problem is that it isn't a surprise is it - going back to the Major govt when all those thrown out of cabinet (including Ken Clarke) went off and got jobs working for companies (such as BAT) which lobbied the government on their behalf - insider trading of the most cynical kind.

Charities are by tradition left wing, they must be by definition because the biggest donations statistically come from those with the least to give and the most vulnerable have generally come from the least well off.

Not saying it's right but 2010-12 reminds me a lot of 1979-81.

Span Ows said...

It's not going away is it.

Fat cunt tom watson brought it up in PMQs but I made the comment at Cranmer's that I doubt he would have done it if it didn't involve Conservatives, i.e. any kudos he may have got for mentioning it are null because if it involved all labour people he wouldn't have said a may still come back and bite him big time in the bum.