Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama owns Oval Office...

But in votes per candidate terms, only just! It's amazing how in a country of so many millions it often ends up so close (I know it's been closer!). Click on image for BBC and all the results. Makes you wonder if all the dodgy voting machines, voter fraud and intimidation could have tipped the balance this time round (although it's a moot point because the Electoral College clearly came down in favour of Obama).
Update: "The triumph of empty rhetoric over empty promises": Absolutely hilarious from the Slog.

Update 2: "electile dysfunction": an amazing stat from Kevin Jackson:  "Obama lost every state with valid voter ID and won those without it." 

Update 3: I've seen the state maps but look at the map below [from HERE]: seems even more incredible; they better start building walls around the cities!
Update 4: even better map HERE


Paul said...

Not forgetting of course that the majority of non-voters had said they would have voted for Obama as well.

Span Ows said...

LOL! Yes, several times! :-)