Friday, November 02, 2012


All a bit of harmless fun...but perhaps needed as the MSM still remains almost silent re Benghazi and there is an all systems alert to get Obama re-elected; even some Saddam or Mugabesque poll results. Weasel Zippers points us towards The PJ Tatler and unfortunate Obama praise, not the crowd chanting hail Obama (or heil?) yesterday but the fact that "Whoever made it, the Mussolini/Fascist/dictator vibe is undeniable. And even if you were entirely unfamiliar with the famous Mussolini scowl replicated in the 2012 campaign sign, why would any Democrat voter find this particular Obama portrait appealing or impressive? It reeks of Big Brother-ish totalitarianism all on its own, even without an historical precedent."
Mussolini Independent Political Bloggers Hail Obama
It's not a Republican scam, the post points out that "these campaign signs are widely available online from various sources and even have their own blog and do seem to be sold by a left-leaning pro-Obama company"


Paul said...

You will have to explain to me something I have been pondering for ages. Most Brits would think of the USA as being a country of conservatives (small C) so why is the MSM so left of centre?

I disagree about the Mussolini likeness, it's closer to a photograph of Malcolm X that has then been put through Photoshop.

Just as an aside a wonderful piece of relief from Sandy when Fox tried to get Chris Christie to say something nice about Mit but all he could do was gush about Obama and his visit. It was like watching the old Queen Mum visit the East End.

Span Ows said...

In answer to your first point, I think their 'centre' is further right than the UK at present.

Funnily enough one of the conspiracy theories I have read (and semi believed!) was that Obama was really Malcolm X's son and the whole thing had been covered up.

Yes, I saw that piece, praising Obama for his warmth or whatever along with a trillion copies of the photo of him hugging a woman...forgive me:

"Sincerity; that's the thing! If you can fake that you've got it made." George Burns.