Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ophic oleaginousness...

EU Referendum says it: 'Blair: with enemies like these...'. UKIP's marked increase in coverage lately is getting a further boost: what could be better than ex PM arch-vampire Tony Blair on the other side spouting hyperbole: in a speech last night to pro-EU Business for New Europe group he said that Euroscepticism was spreading "like a virus". "If ever there is anything that should convince the Conservatives to push for the exit [of the E.U.] it is that. Anything Blair is promoting has to be wholly wrong. That he thinks of the cause as a "virus" tells you more about him than eurosceptics" [sic].  Iain Watson (BBC News Political correspondent) asks if UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage believes [Blair's] influence will be negligible, Farage's assessment: was that Blair  - like his promises - is "past his 'use-by date' and that voters would not listen to a man who put 'snake oil rather than milk on his cornflakes'".

By the way: THIS may scare you. 


Paul said...

Well you've given him more blog space than I would!

Had to laugh (really) during the recent Israel v Hamas outbreak when he was asked for his opinion (due to his 'special' role). He was a good PM with vision but since leaving office he's found his 'calling' which makes him more annoying than Bono and Geldof put together which is saying something.

Span Ows said...

you're not wrong! whilst raking in the millions.

However, the fact that he won't go away makes you believe there's something else going on, something above the level of national governments.