Monday, December 31, 2012

Olid oligophrenic opposition...

The Audit Commission has revealed that the cash reserves of English councils are up by 15.5 percent: [DM] from over 14 billion quid in 2011 to 16.4 billion this year. What's worse,
"A third of councils' annual spending now put straight into the bank"!!! 
WTF!! Proving that our media can never get the same figures, the DT has it just short of 13 billion quid (up 35% since 2007); Eric Pickles has said "It is unacceptable that some councils are stashing away billions [...] whilst at the same time threatening to cut front-line services". He is right, especially when only yesterday, the leaders of Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield councils were shrieking that deeper cuts will spark civil unrest [Observer]; these lying, corrupt, incompetent fuck-wits are intentionally stoking the flames, a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they know it, harping on with 'alarming predictions of social unrest' and a worsening of the north-south economic divide (a would guess 30 seconds on Google would produce any number of wasteful schemes and high or unnecessary expenses that these ideologically driven twats are spending). Cunt-features Blunkett was on about it too: "It is worse than under Margaret Thatcher. As living standards fall and services are slashed, revolutionary fervour may return". At least Tim pissed on Blunkett's fireworks but unfortunately a wider audience won't get the benefit of this exposure of blatant lies. We have seen this before, lefty local government trolls happy to see violence, damage, injury and probably death just to get one over on those 'evil Tories' (in fact we have an achingly fair and politically central government).


Paul said...

Good links. Interesting that Frank Field now sounds like Ken Clarke on the subject of money distribution. There's also something that nobody has mentioned yet and that's the Govt. compensation to councils where the population increased between the 2001 and 2011 Census returns - only person to raise it so far is the Conservative MP for Westmisnter who has questionned the result of the census for his borough.

Strangely enough I can see similarities between Osborne and Obama in some of the approaches being made.

Span Ows said...

Osborne/Obama...noooooooo! ;-)