Monday, December 31, 2012

Orinoco obumbration...

Continuing on from the orgy of overt displays of sycophancy and misery over the health of a (seemingly omnipotent) Krusty we hear there are complications; I'll say: it's about three weeks since he has been 'seen or heard from in person'; Nelson Bocaranda** (Spanish only) tells how they seem to be talking about preparing the country for bad news...and that the next few hours [in Havana] will be crucial. Family and VP Maduro are in permanent vigil. ** According to Francisco at Caracas Chronicles Nelson seems "to have the kind of inside-line on Ch├ívez’s condition that even high ranking chavistas could only dream of". I agree: it was NB who first told the world of Krusty's cancer before any official announcement (and much obscurantism and deflection from officials) and that led me to my own 'diagnosis' in Orinoco obambulation (3rd paragraph, with **).

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