Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oro options...

Not a Christmas chocolate bar but the latest 'money' trend. Gold CombiBars; the demand is soaring reports ZeroHedge: gold, "always a parallel currency to paper, and soon to be serial, once the world shifts to a post-paper currency reality in which faith in infinitely creatable electronic paper money is finally destroyed". Latest from HERE: "The Valcambi 50 gram 999,9 24 carat CombiBar features fifty individual one gram gold bars which can be easily detached from the main bar... for a truly divisible investment or gift"!. The Slog joins in the 'gold rush': "Why gold is about to change from being a hedge metal to a bank-repairing élite currency". Interestingly, in the UK in 2012, it takes the same amount of gold (or silver) to buy a house a sit it did in the 1950s!


Paul said...

The article on Russia is timely because I had a letter recently asking if I would consider registering an interest in gold coins for future possible use as legal tender - from a Commonwealth nation. It's all genuine the scheme is partly backed by the BoE - my name is on the list because I have bought commemorative coins in the past as something to hand down to grandchildren etc.

The 1950 > 2012 ratio is really bizarre as it goes against every other index I can think of for price comparison.

Span Ows said...

May be worth getting a few...just in case they get the World Cup/Olympics :-)

Bizarre yes, I wonder whether there is some hidden logic in the whole thing.