Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Osborne's options II...

Once again what someone is going to say is reported well before the event: another of New Labour's gifts to the UK was making 'leaks' the norm: "Britain is facing a longer-than-expected battle to reduce its debts"; I wouldn't mind betting that most punters would not think it 'longer than expected' this inevitably slow journey out of the dark dank pit dug by Gordon Brown with the salivating, slimy,  greedy, corrupt Labour vampires cheering from the sidelines (Ed Balls and Ed Miliband amongst the loudest!). Anyway, enough about those fuck-wits...or maybe not: the BBC tells us that "Labour has called the government's economic policy 'a terrible failure'" ...erm...interesting because we are only just into the 2nd half of this Coalition government ("some progress but must try harder") and Andrew Lilico reminds us: "When Ed Balls attacks infrastructure cuts he is actually attacking cuts that Labour scheduled". Balls is a twat and despite those numbers being close there is a difference between Labour and Coalition plans when it comes to current spending (current spending cuts are only just beginning); however the capital spending cuts that Labour planned are what has already occurred - cuts about which Ed Balls seems to be constantly whining and blaming for the double dip! 


Paul said...

This whole mess shows the pure farce of politics in my opinion - not only Balls reaction but also the coalitions provisions for free schools and academies which is being shouted from the rooftops as a brave new initative but is actually the same money that they cancelled from projects two years ago.

Politics has lost its way completely for me in 2012, both sides of the house, the Coalition have learned so much from the Blair era of spin that they now forget what they say one year to the next.

Span Ows said...

Something is definitely not right (in more ways than one!).

I think farce is the apt word.