Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oecist obeisance...

From The Blue Collar Tory Blog, Happy Margaret Thatcher Day! I hope Cristina the oligodontous odorivector is aware.
"Today the Falkland Islanders honour the Prime Minister who fought to save the Islands from the tyranny of the Argentine Junta. Of course that prime Minister was the great Margaret Thatcher who led Britain out of decline and back to greatness. I just wish that we had a similar day here in the UK to celebrate the achievements of Baroness Thatcher who as well as liberating the Falklands liberated Britain from the grasp of the trade unions."
And a lot more besides: Baroness Thatcher is by far and away the greatest living UK PM, and consistently polls among, if not top, the best ever.  The Margaret Thatcher Foundation website (the largest contemporary history site of its kind) - and linked on Owsblog for years - offers free access to thousands of historical documents relating to the Thatcher period including files on the Falklands [Link]. 


Paul said...

MTF is a great resource as good as it gets in my opinion because it was a period of great political and social change that I don't think we will see again in our lifetimes and it is all there recorded for posterity.

Span Ows said...