Saturday, February 09, 2013

Outrage oblivious...

Where's the outrage? asks James Forsyth at The Spectator; linking to Charles Moore's excellent piece: "Stafford scandal: Let’s face the truth about our uncaring, selfish and cruel NHS". Please, he, you, I and everyone in the country knows that there are hundreds of thousands of good stories and we know that most receive adequate to good often outstanding and wonderful treatment, especially in such a big organisation [wow, it's that big?] dealing with people's health, but he is right:
"The truth is the exact opposite of what we keep telling ourselves. The NHS is the least caring and most selfishly run important institution in this country. Until we recognise this, there will be plenty more Staffords."
And no, that doesn't mean he is slagging off nurses but that's what lefties will say. Needless to say I am still spitting feathers about the whole issue being brushed under the carpet on the BBC's website within 24 hours. Maybe it's because they're another 'much loved' UK national institution with some 'uncomfortable to hear' truths coming home to roost.


Paul said...

Charles Moore may well have written an excellent piece but the fact that he needed to put in "In retaining his power, Sir David, who is a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain" shows that it is a political article first and foremost, another dig at the failed left and the failing centre right, and nothing whatsoever to do with what happened at Stafford.

The comments are far better than the article as is so often the case as they reflect indviduals experiences rather than political bias.

Span Ows said...

However that paragraph is more about the failure of the Coalition to deal with it (and Sir David) so not sure that he is being political more like a snide dig as if to say "he's an ex-Communist for fucks' sake!" ;-)