Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obliged obscurantism...

Don't let the Left fool you: they say everything is free and fair in Venezuela. That there are no press restrictions. Well, finally, Cae el Ășltimo canal televisivo crĂ­tico con el Gobierno de Venezuela [El Pais]. Under constant pressure up until this week, Venezuela’s only TV Station critical of Chavez will be sold, [Bloomberg]. Globovision are the ones that have been broadcasting the excellent and remarkable speeches that Henrique Capriles has been giving the last few days. The channel is being sold to "government-aligned investors."

Apparently the sale is 'forced' but the channel would only have lasted a few years anyway, not from all the fines, lawsuits, harassment etc but because it had been shut out of the analogue to digital migration announced last month by Science and Technology Minister (now Vice President, illegally) Jorge Arreaza (Krusty's brother in law).

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