Sunday, March 17, 2013


OK, no excuses: I needed cheering up. Arsenal won and Spuds lost so it was a start but I'm trying to forget how Wales pounded England yesterday in the title decider of the 2013 Six Nations rugby championship; also, today is the day everyone  - for some reason - pretends they're Irish: it's St. Patrick's Day, which I didn't remember until about 7 pm.  So, considering all these patriot games, what better way to cheer me up than to post a picture of an Italian American fitness guru in Union Flag bikini....what? It makes perfect sense to me. You, better, now. (click image to know you want to).


Paul said...

Look at the size of thos earrings!

Pounded is the right word, how brutal was that second half. Mind you I think something was in the half time tea yesterday the Italy v Ireland match was something else after half time.

Span Ows said...

I had a lot to say about the ref which I won't repeat. We got beaten, end of, yet I am sure with nay other ref it would have been a different game and a different result.

14 scrums, England won 2.