Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Osborne's opportunity...

As usual we are told what a politician will say in the future. This New Labour habit hasn't gone away: is it media management mayhem or Media managing ministers?...but I digress: what GO will say is quite important with all the welfare reform going on. "Trials will begin in four London boroughs of a £500-a-week per household benefits cap and a new Universal Credit system due to replace a raft of other benefits nationwide later this year."...500 quid...a week.

This is the new cap, hardly unfair. If those trials get anywhere near working in London then they are a dead cert for anywhere else in the UK. Now, the criticism from churches and charities and, naturally, the opposition is totally misplaced, as all they do is harp on about it being unfair because the top level of tax is being cut. I've posted the image on the left before but it's worth a good look (click to enlarge).

Update: actual speech text HERE and word-cloud (hat-tip Guido) HERE.


Paul said...

The table you have posted, well a similar one, was published as part of this years Budget but it won't get much publicity beyond those who read such stuff.

I've said before the welfare state long changed from its original ideal but unfortunately Labour despite many changes must still be publicly seen championing the poor which is something the Conservatives can't do.

Span Ows said...

Always worth a good look whichever form it's in!

Seeing Balls lying on air helps, not sure many would notice though, after all, he is a politician! :-)