Saturday, May 25, 2013

Objurgating obscurantism II...

I have been very angry this week, I could have done people harm with probably very little provocation. I like to think I am extremely tolerant, maybe a secret person. I have read many articles, watched myriad reports, listened to many weak and cowardly politicians and heard once again the same excuses still being used.

The debate hasn't been had, is still not being had and isn't being allowed to be had. David, Boris, John et al were right about one thing: British foreign policy is not the problem; if it were how could they explain the atrocities all over the world, in about 25 countries on 4 continents only in the last month! (including sect on sect attacks).

However, our leaders and politicians are wrong about something else: I have a surprise for you, Islam IS the problem. By denying this or adding ifs and buts and caveats and excuses nothing will ever change. Islam needs reform. An ex near-neighbour of mine Ali Miraj writes that the atrocious and heinous event in Woolwich is "only the latest act of barbarism: Muslims, we must take on this cancer in our midst". He suggests there are two key issues: the first was influenced by his experience of radical Muslim groups as long ago as 1993: first, "the historic failure to clamp down on those inciting hatred"; secondly "the ineptitude and utter failure of self-proclaimed Muslim leaders to tackle these extremists head-on with intellectual argument." However, this 2nd point will not work when, as Raewald says, [edit] Islam provides/provided [young jihadists] "with what they imagined was justification for their barbarism remains the real problem; with no recognised spiritual hierarchy to definitively interpret the Koran otherwise, Islam will always provide the enemies of our peoples with an excuse for violence against us" (my emphasis). In many Muslim countries radical and extreme interpretations of the Koran would not be allowed, the Imams would be punished and imprisoned...or worse; probably because of this many have gravitated to the welcoming arms of liberal Europe and especially Britain, Londistan, a rich and fertile hunting ground to spread their bile and poison.

For how long must the appeasement continue? Just as the serious and chronic and widespread Muslim grooming scandals were ignored because of the fear of accusations of racism and/or they didn't like the messenger so too the revelations of hate-preaching in some Mosques was turned on it's head so that the messenger became investigated. Judges, police, CPS, politicians sort it out, stop the pandering and appeasement! Why can one man get arrested immediately for a few online comments whereas Muslim hate-preachers get away with constant and regular death threats and inciting hatred on a daily basis. And Muslims, no ifs, no buts, expose the haters, expose the extremists, open the Mosques, heal thyselves. 

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