Thursday, May 09, 2013

O or odium...

Love or hate. The Year of the Snake started on February 10th and should really be renamed year of Marmite ("Love it or hate it."); not because you hate the year or because it has any similarity to the sticky, salty, brown, beer by-product yeast extract but by our calendar so far each month we have a had a 'Marmite' moment: the end of the line or the end of an era for 'divisive' characters. First Chavez died. A month later Maggie died (no O that day) and now, another month later, Ferguson has retired! To quote Austin Barry commenting at The Spectator (I hope he doesn't mind) whose comment has caused a tea and toast crumb splattered Ows laptop:
"So farewell, Sir Alex, you have been one of the most successful care-in-the-community probation officers we have ever known."


Paul said...

Very funny comment but what a dreadful article.

Span Ows said...

yes to both points!