Monday, June 24, 2013

Options on opiates II...

Some interesting ingredients in this cough medicine manufactured in Baltimore in 1888 (image from Classic Pics).  We now know this cocktail would do far more than cure your cough! No worries though, if you got addicted to the alcohol or morphine they would use cocaine to treat the addiction, it's no joke, he said...a real Freudian slip, of course at the time it was a new 'wonder drug' but he had a habit of being wrong about cocaine:
"The treatment of morphine addiction with coca does not, therefore, result merely in the exchange of one kind of addiction for another – it does not turn the morphine addict into a coquero; the use of coca is only temporary… I am rather inclined to assume that coca has a directly antagonistic effect on morphine…" [Link]


Paul said...

Interesting read the Freud article and also the link back to 2006 - ah those were the days when people blogged! Freud's initial experiences seem now to be classic almost stereotypical in their manifestation.

Many years ago (1997) I read a book called Altered State: The Story of Ecstasy Culture where in the first chapter the author tells of the first time he took an ecstasy tablet and the instant change to his perception and this morning I have read online about a model I worked with a couple of years ago being given codine during a miscarriage and the similarity between the two is negligible.

Span Ows said...

Yes, I enjoy reading the comments back then almost exclusively from R5L boarders!

I enjoyed the article too, almost surreal when you read it knowing what we do now.

Yes, drugs and "drugs" are more alike than we'd like to believe.