Saturday, July 06, 2013

Obstrobogulous ohrwürmer...

Anna seems to have hit on something: "Hey! You! Get Off of my Shroud!"..."The hierarchy of the Labour Party he knew and loved, the inner sanctum he revelled in, was as grey and wrinkled, as potbellied and knock kneed, as a Rolling Stone. It was on its final journey to the mortuary; bedevilled by debt, in hock to the Co-operative loan sharks; bullied and abused by its ‘carers’ – UNITE; no longer able to live an independent and self-principled life."

Huddled with other 'hard-line left activists' in Left Field ** along with UK Feminista, Tony Benn, Owen Jones, Billy Bragg and Ricky Tomlinson (the latter on about  - ironically - 'Power in a Union') and involved in oh so Radical Round-Up and lefty 'biting satire' seem to have done for Tom s very soon after, he left the field.

** now I know why the BBC send so many staff!


Paul said...

Labour are caught in a catch 22 situation here which I know will appeal to you. They could shake off all the Union funding tonight if they wanted to and replace it entirely with money from the great and the good but that would make them just like the Conservative party open to a whole other set of rules regarding corruption and bribery. I can't help thinking that at some point down the line we will have state funded political parties.

Despite over 300 staff I thought this years coverage was possibly the poorest ever on the BBC.

Span Ows said...

I think you are right, to be honest the Union funding doesn't fit: I know I am bitter and twisted anti-lefty but since TB won in 1997 New Labour are not a party that deserves Union funding!

Missed all of it, and the last two Lions tests and Wimbledon! Back in UK on Monday.