Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obdormition over Obama's obnubilation...

The result of a scandal far milder
than the many we see today.
Obama's Blackwhite. No, I don't mean Obama's 'race name' if you followed the strange lefty liberal classification of white-hispanic George Zimmerman, but the Newspeak doublethink Blackwhite. Well, it's not really obnubilation (obfuscation, obscuring, obscurantism) because it's in plain sight and crystal clear: the excellent Samizdata blog has been highlighting Obama's obvious lies recently to such an extent that you begin to suffer 'Outrage Fatigue': "the condition in which so many awful actions by a set of State actors have been revealed that one can no longer hope to track the entire list of their offenses and crimes in one’s head."..."I have long since passed that point for the Obama administration in general. Imprisonment without charge, war crimes, coverups, the silencing of whistleblowers and dozens of other acts have become so numerous that I cannot hope to remember them all." [sic] "It is painfully clear that the contempt of the Obama Administration and its minions for the rule of law is near total, that their contempt for the truth is near total...". It may be silly season but what if Richard Nixon had merely promised "appropriate reforms"?

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