Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obvious omissions...

Righting Miranda's* wrongs (did you see what I did there?). Glenn Greenwald lied**, David Miranda lied and the Guardian lied. Lard bucket Tom Watson jumped in early as did slimeball Vaz as did cute but deadly Mrs. Balls. It was hilarious baiting the shrieking harpies yesterday (in 'left' and 'right' forums) but all I was doing was telling them to wait for the facts: yesterday afternoon and today those seep though the lefty bullshit filter that is much of the MSM. Guardian lies and BBC being behind the curve [intentionally?] and still deflecting ("No. 10 'kept abreast of operation') doesn't help my opinion of them and does the British public a disservice. Louise Mensch told them so quite clearly, good girl.

* appropriate name, eh? :-)
** doesn't help that he then had a hissy fit and threatened 'England'.

Addendum: thanks to David P on BBBC for pointing out that the man 'debating' with Louise Mensch on last night's Newsnight ('quite clearly' link above), introduced as a 'computer hacker' is in fact the American face of Wikileaks and as such "directly involved in this issue. Not an innocent, independent voice at all."


Paul said...

I agree with the * - had a smile about that, thank Darwin for Jack Reacher as I know the history of the Miranda reading because of him - who said fiction was a waste of time?

Ashamed to say when I switched over after the footie and saw the Mensch woman I went to bed - even if she offered me a threesome with Claudia Schiffer I'd have to hand in a sick note from my Mum.

All of this is a bit to close to the Bourne Ultimatum for my liking and we know which UK newspaper editor was in that don't we?

Span Ows said...

I Paul, hope all is well! Agree with the first paragraph and a similar tale, Miranda and a few other landmark cases now known by the surname; couldn't possibly agree with your middle paragraph though :-)