Friday, August 30, 2013

Ows observation V...

Most if not all of the media today seem to be playing last night's House of Commons vote as a 'loss' for British Prime Minister David Cameron. Some are slamming Miliband's duplicity. I see it differently: Cameron recalled Parliament, had the nerve to ask for a debate and a vote on whether the UK should commit to yet another war; to commit funds and ultimately soldiers lives in Syria. The image (click to enlarge) shows a very close thing, unlucky 13 but with 91 absent. However, this is very clearly that rare and wonderful thing, democracy in action; Cameron will respect/is respecting that decision (I will refrain from commenting on various examples of gross, sickening, lying hypocrisy of more than a few Labour MPs). To me he is in a win/win: whether the shit hits the fan or not he has tried to do what he thinks is right but, like the fair and decent man man in the pub, is held back by his friends and bystanders as he struggles to give the bounder what he deserves.

Update: well said Quentin.


Paul said...

I agree, what I found extraordinary was the reaction of a lot of Conservative supporters who seemed to think that defeat=resignation.

The biggest losers were William Hague and Michael Gove, the former because he had put so much of his political career into getting 'boots on the ground' and the latter because of his shameful reaction to this own MP's.

Our MP abstained which usually gets my back-up but he presented a very reasoned argument explaining that there was one particular clause in the motion which he was uneasy about.

Span Ows said...

Hi paul, I hope you're on the emnd and fighting fit...they may need you in Syria!

Anyway, yes I agree entirely. Very poor especially when only a day or so before, Gove had published this masterpiece.

Paul said...

Getting there Span, thanks for asking.

Enjoyed the Gove masterpiece, any article that references Gray's Elegy is fine by me.