Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orwell On Orinoco...

Just a couple of points about life in Venezuela well presented by Caracas Chronicles this week with puppet Nick Ripe continuing and deepening the failures of Chavez Krusty the clown. Firstly, the sinister sounding Ministry of Truth "noticiero de la verdad":
"President Maduro has announced that the government will henceforth produce a “Newscast of Truth” to be carried, en cadena, twice daily. Just to spell this out for any newbies out there: that means every TV channel and every radio station in Venezuela will be forced to pre-empt its programming, just stop what they’re doing, and carry the same government propaganda broadcast, live, unedited, at the same time. Twice a day."
Then, this hilarious allegory which, as billl notes in the comments, "overwhelms us with the humour of his depiction of Maduros errant thought processes , while at the same time hitting home hard on the absurdity of the regimes financial policies". I will be encouraging my indirect family to do all they can do to leave (like much of the local money, brains and talent already has done).

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