Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Obstrobogulous oblectation...

Exclusive: Labour, 1997-2010, was The Worst Government Ever. And this is why… Well said Sean Thomas in the DT today! The worse thing is that he doesn't mention the half of it; but he has a good go:
"...William the Conqueror turned half the nation into a desolate wasteland for centuries – perhaps he inspired Gordon Brown – but none of them equal New Labour’s magnificent record, right across the board, for wretched, lying, blundering, poisonous, catastrophic ineptitude. 
And you know what’s so depressing? This so-called “party”, this cancer called “Labour”, this affliction which keeps returning to the UK like a kind of sociopolitical syphilis, could be in power, once more, in about 18 months' time."