Saturday, October 05, 2013

Ows opines V...

[Edited 11:30 pm] "No folk music or incest?" asks Paul, a fair question when looking at the results of an online survey by Ask Jeeves to which I'd add 'no Maypole/ Morris dancing and no watching Big Brother?'; the survey asked Brits to name things they had tried once and wouldn't be trying again. All I can say is looking at the lists for Food & Drink, Places and Hobbies you have to wonder who they were asking! The Top Ten for food and drink were as follows: 1. Tripe, 2. Marmite, 3. Whisky, 4. Liver, 5. Gin, 6. Cigarettes, 7. Octopus, 8. Rabbit, 9. Real Ale and 10. Irn Bru. My comments to that Top Ten are below; the rest in the comments over at One Page In A Library of Millions [Link]
  1. Tripe: depends how its cooked and served e.g. Mondongo and Trippa alla Fiorentina...mmmmm
  2. Marmite: what's not to like? 
  3. Whisky: got drunk at an Aunt's wedding in the 70s; now even the smell turns my guts. 
  4. Liver: wonderful stuff, see Marmite (fried liver and onion...mmmmmmm)
  5. Gin: if well mixed (i.e. sufficiently diluted) can be just about drinkable.
  6. Cigarettes: never tempted, peer pressure was never a weakness. 
  7. Octopus: see tripe (personal favourite Pulpo Gallego/Pulpo a la Gallega)
  8. Rabbit: see Marmite (who cannot like rabbit stew, who are these people!)
  9. Real Ale: ah, the answer, clearly lily-livered pansy-arsed lager drinking pussies were asked. 
  10. Irn Bru: good pop, 'Frescolita' in Venezuela.


Paul said...

Quite a few similarities - thanks for the link.

Span Ows said...

No worries, some very strange people out there...