Saturday, November 16, 2013


...the BBC! Oh the irony! This would be the BBC that in it's efforts to help OWS (not me!) and other Occupy protests not look bad have lied, censored and omitted news? The BBC that had blanket favourable coverage of the Occupy London protests at St Paul's Cathedral etc? Hmmmm... Occupy's reasons state that "Because issues that deeply affect the British public are either under reported or not reported at all"...I agree entirely! Of course they mention a few things that get their goat, including the Million Mask March but of course the main event was in Washington D.C., how to report this ("Obama. Come out. We've got some shit to talk about") without reflecting badly on their Obamessiah? Another goat-getter: the secret EU-US trade agreement, so secret it's in the news every day; or the completely debunked BBC Breadth of Opinion Review on Content Analysis [pdf] to which they link to George Monbiot who says "The BBC puts a match to its principles every day". Yes, yes they do; however it is over real world issues such as The EU, Climate Change, US News and on Israel they they really need to sort out the warped and documented bias. Hey, maybe the BBC have infiltrated Occupy London and are instigating this event today so they can say we get accusations of bias from right and left so "we got it about right". PAH!


Paul said...

The stats that Georger Monbiot quotes for airtime are much more serious for radio than for TV.

I was making the point a couple of weeks ago when a report claimed that the BBC weren't pro-Labour or pro-EU based on TV coverage that simply quoting percentage times is meaningless because on TV you can hear politicians being constantly interrupted and not allowed to make their point whereas on radio they have alloted slots to fill.

The BBC like the Labour party are slowly changing their attitudes on a whole host of issues, not sure whether this is an admission of backing the wrong horse or what.

Span Ows said...

1st paragraph: yes but slightly skewed, especially the Business report. I think if you added the airtime that Trade Unionists got in the whole today programme and not just the opening then the story would be very different.
2nd paragraph: Exactly!
3rd paragraph: Agree, slow but sure...still a long way to go though!