Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our own omnishambles...

By "Our" of course I mean a UK based omnishambles as against the ones enveloping poor old Obama or anything remotely to do with Ows or my friends, family or associates, OK? The Labour Party in the UK is becoming embroiled in several scandals that seem to be festering in the background plus one massive one that is starting to boil over (as it should). And I'm not even talking about the worse one, their immigration - demographic genocide - scandal (nor any of hundred or so others over the last 15 years).  Now, there's Falkirk, Grangemouth and - even closer to home and far more shocking - the Coop-Flowergate scandal, the rise and fall of the 'crystal Methodist'. As David Cameron said today "There are clearly a lot of questions that have to be answered" and for some reason, for once, Ed Miliband doesn't want an inquiry.


Paul said...

If it wasn't so serious I'd suggest Mr Flowers was planning for a career in Canadian politics.

Liked the quote last night from Sky's business editor "What you have to remember is that Co-op is regarded as a 'halo' company and when you fall there's a very long way to fall".

Span Ows said...

hahaha, yes, good experience for Mayor I'd say.

I never thought halo, always 'greenish' (not in an ill health way though that now seems more appropriate!)