Friday, December 13, 2013

OMG V...

I know there's a year and a half to go but based on current polling:

Please people...WAKE UP! In the UK's crazy rotten borough system just this 6% lead to Labour would give them a 130 seat majority! You know it's unfair: 2005 Tony Blair 35% of votes = 355 seats; 2010 David Cameron 36% of a higher turn-out = 306 seats. Updated Sat 8 a.m.: OK, OK, I missed this yesterday but it would still lead to a massive working majority for Labour!


Paul said...

I'm stunned. This can only be happening because people are being overwhelmed by the use of the word 'cuts' - even papers such as the Telegraph and Times are now using it regularly in articles.

I've said it all along though (and you have as well) that the Conservative party are just not very good at P.R but even now with the Labour party humiliated in the Commons during the Autumn Statement debate I find those figures staggering.

Span Ows said...

Indeed, but the disturbing thing that most people don't know is that being equal isn't enough,as the example I give clearly demonstrates, if the percentage is tied, even if the number of votes is tied i.e. exactly the same, Labour would get more seats?!!!