Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obnubilation obloquy: official...

As usual not much can be read into the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election; UKIP did come second as most were predicting and are set to make many more headlines in the Euro elections in May...but what is so shocking and a dire reflection of the state of hoi polloi is their almost total lack of participation in how and who runs the country: it is woeful when you read the figures: yes turnout is low at by-elections but here less than 2 in 10 people turned up to vote (1.63).  Total turnout was a little over 28%, around 24,000 votes BUT postal votes accounted for over 10,000. 72% didn't vote: the winner got about 15% of the electorate. Classy.

Now, 42% of votes in this by-election being postal votes is nowhere near a record (58%!) but it does increase the worry: seven years ago it had already been going on too long (yet another New Labour shit-fest we are stuck with for over a decade) but was largely deemed to be a problem in certain cities and certain 'communities'; however, political campaigns and improving situations and 'events, dear boy, events' mean nothing if half the electorate are already hard-wired in having already voted. Corruption, 'Banana Republic', 'inherently unsatisfactory', gross manipulation, abuse of the system...end it now!


Paul said...

The answer in 2007 (by Sarnia) was and still is ban postal votes, there is no need for it. There aren't enough house bound people to make it viable and anybody living outside the country shouldn't be able to vote anyway - if your democratic vote is that important to you get back here now!

Thought the various parties were quite honest on Friday morning about this result although you still the impression that UKIP don't have a shopping basket let alone a shopping basket of policies. Still, at least the floods are God's way of reminding us that it is wrong to be homosexual!

Span Ows said...

LOL! very good. Yes, ban postal votes is the only way: there is NO reason whatsoever to have them: only proven housebound should be allowed.