Sunday, March 23, 2014

Often overlooked...

Oh well, springing to the defence of A.C.E. Wenger again: yesterday's 6-0 trouncing in AWs 1000th game as manager of Arsenal was a bitter pill and has brought out all the bile and shit again; amazingly - as any footy statistician now knows - 50 percent of the EPL goals Arsenal have conceded this season have been in just 3 away games; what's more, all 3 were early kick-offs, hmmm. However, as I have written before, Arsene Wenger has overseen a team that for 17 seasons has averaged better than 3rd position (2.65); for 17 seasons the club has had European football with only Real Madrid beating Arsenal for consecutive seasons reaching the 2nd stage of the Champions League ...and, the cherry on the top is the table below (obviously AF had more than 1000 games at Manure but the comparison is with the first thousand). [edited 23/03/14] These are all things a whinging Portuguese parvenu - at a club that has had 12 managers in the same time - whose minions cherry-pick clubs for him to move on to as he is too scared to hang around for too long at the same club for fear of failure, can only dream of...oh well, feeling better this morning..

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