Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ocando's Orinoco opus...

Posting still light but concerned about the ongoing situation in Venezuela, STILL not getting the coverage it should...if the other end of the political spectrum was doing even a tenth of what Maduro's thugs are doing then there would be wall to wall widespread reporting.

Ocando Casto is an investigative journalist with a career spanning more than 20 years and has covered public corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering, immigration and - last but not least - extensive research on the presence of [edit] 'Chavismo' in the U.S., the focus of his new is book 'Chavistas en el Imperio: Secretos, Tácticas y Escándalos de la Revolución Bolivariana en Estados Unidos' (Chavistas in the Empire: Secrets, Tactics and Scandals of the Bolivarian Revolution in the USA). Hat-tip: The Devil's Excrement. It is really a series of anecdotes and is probably the same as could be said of any corrupt and evil regime over the years but it does highlight - for those unaware - the gross champagne socialist hypocritical thieving scum mentality of what passes for Venezuelan government. Translations will be available.

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