Saturday, May 17, 2014

Odyssean obsecrations...

Dominic Cummings has been in the news lately, indeed he is making it. He was Michael Gove's main adviser for most of September 2007 – January 2014 and is really making Clegg look bad (yes, I know!). Babble in the Bubble is well worth the read (including/ especially the updates); who would have thought free school meals could be so amusing (you have to laugh otherwise you'll cry)?

Dominic has some interesting things to say: "Courses such as Politics, Philosophy and Economics (and economics in general) [Remember Old Oxfordian Overseers? And follow-up] do not train political leaders well. They encourage superficial bluffing, misplaced confidence... ...and they do not train people to make decisions in complex organisations. Ministers are selected from MPs but MPs are not selected for their ability to devise policy, prioritise, manage complex organisations, or admit and fix errors. In the absence of effective training, many default to gimmicks and attempts to manipulate the media. In the choice between ‘to be’ or ‘to do’, insiders tend to choose the former because the system incentivises behaviour that is contrary to the public interest."

Now who could argue with that! (well, S for one).  Essay on 'Odyssean' Education and 'integrative thinking' is HERE (pdf file). Hat-tips: Raewald and Guido.

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