Saturday, May 24, 2014

Olamic obduracy...

You have been warned, again. New Labour ruined the economy, set the country on course for disaster; took away more rights than ever before; generally the worst government ever...and yet that red donkey in a rosette is still a truism isn't it (and certainly true in some places)? Please, I am genuinely gob-smacked - when it is clear that even his own party can stand him - just how the FUCK can 29% prefer Ed Miliband as Prime Minister? Hat-tip: Political Betting, Source: Lord Ashcroft Polls ("polled more than 26,000 voters in 26 constituencies that will be among the most closely contested between the Conservatives and Labour at the next general election").
"Across the battleground I found a 6.5% swing from the Conservatives to Labour – enough to topple 83 Tory MPs and give Ed Miliband a comfortable majority."
See pie chart: 5% sure, 10 maybe, at a push...but 29%?

Update: (off on a tangent) oh well, putting that in perspective, in critically troubled Venezuela [edit] Nike Nick Ripe (Krusty II) is down to 37%!

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